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The company has developed, documented, implemented and maintained a quality management system (QMS), consisting of a set of organizational and technical measures necessary to ensure the consumer guarantees the stable quality of products produced by MERRYMED FARM LLC and its compliance with the established requirements.
The field of distribution of QMS LLC "MERRYMED FARM", extends to the production of medicines.
QMS is developed in the form of processes necessary for its operation and application in the enterprise in a certain sequence and interaction. It defines the criteria and methods necessary for the implementation and management of processes, their monitoring, measurement and analysis. The QMS is provided with the resources necessary to support the processes, as well as taking the measures necessary to achieve the planned results and continuously improve them.
Due to the fact that LLC MERRYMED FARM, produces standard products and has implemented technology to produce specific products. In case of receipt of an order from the consumer for a new type of product, design and development will be carried out in specialized institutions.
QMS is an integral part of the enterprise management system and functions simultaneously with all other activities affecting the quality of products and interacts with them.