In the process of reforms implemented in the healthcare system of our country, special attention is paid to the development of the pharmaceutical industry, providing the population and medical institutions with quality and affordable medicines.

Today in our country there are more than 130 pharmaceutical companies that produce over two thousand types of medicines. In the state forestry enterprises the preparation of medicinal plants are established, which on the basis of them is manufactured 11 types of medicines by registering in the state register.

 The Decree of the President of the country "On measures to further improve the supply of medicines and medical products to the population" of October 31, 2016 serves as an important guide to action in scaling up the work carried out, and increasing the level of the population's provision with affordable and high-quality medicines and medical products.

"This decree is aimed at preventing of unreasonable increase in prices for medicines, the sale of the same drug at different prices, and preferences of preparations of foreign production to domestic counterparts," says the leading specialist of the General Directorate for Quality Control of Medicines and medical equipment of the Health Ministry of  Uzbekistan N.Kholmurodov. - The decree specifies that since January of  2017 wholesale and retail sales of imported medicines and medical products, as well as purchased from domestic producers, are carried out using the maximum trade allowances, determined regardless of the number of intermediaries involved in deliveries. For wholesale sale, its size is no more than 15 percent of the purchase price, for retail sales, no more than 20 percent of the wholesale price. Socially significant medicines and medical products are sold at fixed prices. Representatives of the specially established Republican Commission for Control over the Provision of Medical Facilities and Populations with Drugs and Medical Products study the activities of more than 600 social and private pharmacies in the Samarkand region and provide necessary recommendations to their employees. In the prominent and accessible places for consumers, a list of medicines and medical products that are mandatory for all pharmacies, which includes 76 items, as well as a list of medicinal products dispensed without a doctor's prescription, which includes 1,033 items, are placed. Practical seminars are held for medical workers and pharmacy managers, on which the essence and tasks of the decree are explained.

" In the pharmacies of our society, the lists of compulsory medicines prescribed by the decree have already been posted in prominent places, " says F.Amirov, deputy chairman of the Samarkand "Pharmaceutist" Limited Liability Company. - Buyers have an opportunity to get acquainted with new prices for medicines and products of domestic producers. All this contributes to the provision of our people with quality medicines.

It should be noted that social pharmacies, opened in 13 districts of the region, make a big contribution to providing the population with quality and affordable medicines. In all these pharmacies phyto-bars are organized, the population is offered infusions from dozens of medicinal plants. This year, it is planned to expand the network of social pharmacies and the range of medicines they sell.