Merrymed farm

About company


A full-cycle pharmaceutical company which includes all stages of production such as storage, logistics and marketing. High-tech equipment and its components meets special requirements of the monitoring electronic system, collecting, processing and output of the information at all stages of the technological process


Our principle

Production of high-quality, effective, safe and affordable medicines for the whole World using high-tech equipment. To achieve our goals, we improve production and create a team of highly qualified employees. Our priority is human life


To become the leading manufacturer of finished medicines in Central Asia, whose products are known and available worldwide.

Targets and goals

Product Development

  • Optimize the product portfolio, adding new finished dosage forms, taking into account the dynamics, specifics and needs of the market;
  • To establish registration and export of finished dosage forms to the markets of other countries of the world;
  • Produce finished dosage forms for partners;


  • Develop and implement a strategy for promoting enterprise products;
  • Plan, develop and implement marketing activities in accordance with the mission, goals and strategy of the enterprise;
  • Conduct market research, process and analyze the information received to determine the current needs of the market;
  • Identify market potential in regional markets for further business development;

Production and product quality

The company has a modern equipped laboratory to assess the quality of products.

  • Increase people’s trust by producing of quality products;
  • Expand modernized production and processes in accordance with good manufacturing practice;
  • Create new jobs.

Social poliсy

There are a canteen and a hotel designed for 800 people on the territory of the enterprise.

  • To provide social guarantees and remuneration for employees in accordance with their position and contribution

Environmental protection

  • Organize an environmentally friendly production process;

We continue to carry out technical re-equipment and modernization of production facilities and laboratories, their accreditation in accordance with the rules of the GMP standard – “Good manufacturing practice of medicines.”