About us

Pharmaceutical company «MERRYMED FARM» LLC, to date, is one of the largest manufacturers of medicines of different forms and dosages, and is the only pharmaceutical plant located in Ferghana valley in country. The total area of ​​the company is 150,000m of which 80,000m2 are industrial.

«MERRYMED FARM» LLC - pharmaceutical company full cycle, includes all stages of production, storage, logistics and marketing processes. High-tech equipment and components provide special requirements of the electronic control system, the collection, processing and output information at all stages of the process.

«MERRYMED FARM» LLC Production capacity - more than 100 species of medicinal products, related to the 10 pharmacological groups, which are necessary for the country's import-substituting preparations.

The company specializes in the production of medicines made from synthetic and plant raw material. By rendered to and provide benefits and preferences from the government to the enterprise, product range expanded significantly in recent years, and today the company produces more than 100 kinds of drugs in a variety of dosage forms: tablets, capsules, ointments, tinctures, suspensions, infusion, injections, antibiotics dry wastage, etc.

The company is constantly working on the introduction of new species and ranges of import substitution of drugs by building new workshops and equipping them with modern high-tech and pharmaceutical equipment from leading manufacturers.

In this workshop were established have no analogues in the country just three sets of separate production lines allowing, unlike other manufacturers, without changing each time the head and some of the equipment at the same time to produce just 3 format (2, 5 and 10 ml) of drugs, which enabled the company more efficient and effective use of production facilities and financial resources.

Realization of this project will also create new jobs in the region. During the operation of the business, step by step, the updated production are established and coordinated work of all departments in the uniform system of sales and production, constantly expanding range of products. So far in order to further expand production now, work is underway on the construction of new workshops for the production of infusion solutions, suppositories and antibiotics dry wastage.

The company has developed and successfully implemented a strategic plan to transform the company into a European standard. To do this, introduce the latest technology, is carried out technical re-equipment and modernization of production facilities and laboratories, accreditation of them in accordance with the rules of Good Manufacturing Practice GMP drugs.

The production site was built from scratch in accordance with the standards and requirements of the pharmaceutical plants.

Today, the company is equipped with modern pharmaceutical production line of galenic, tablet, capsule, ointment, eye drops and other drugs.

The company is actively cooperating with foreign countries, thereby increasing the share of exports.